Digital Economy Promotion Agency is the agency under the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society. From the great success of the event throughout the past two years, Digital Thailand Big Bang has created a tremendous flow and alertness among people of all ages, including foreign partners, in the topic of changing the country with the technology of Thailand. Exclusively, in 2019, Thailand has been given the role of ASEAN Chairman once again after a decade to host the annual ASEAN Summit which is organized by Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)—an arena for international cooperation to carry out cooperation activities among all 10 member countries in economy, society, culture, security, technology, innovation, etc.  Realizing the importance of digital cooperation, the Agency upscales Digital Thailand Big Bang this year to become an international exhibition by collaborating with international partners to create Digital Thailand Big Bang: ASEAN Connectivity 2019.

Digital Thailand Big Bang 2019: 3 Zones to Get Thrilled

Creativity Zone
In this zone, you will get to see digital technology that helps unlock human creativity without limits through tools that makes the impossible possible.  What you will see are the lastest inventions, innovation, creative ideas and advanced creativity from the most advanced digital technology of the future, be it Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D Printing technology—all that shapes the creativity both in art and science. Let's make our imagination come true here.

Society Zone
This zone shows you how digital technology can improve the quality of life of people. Here, you will get to learn the technology that creates opportunities and equality for society. For example, a technology that allows all children to equally access education without location and time barrier or Telemedicine Technology that allows people in remote areas to receive medical treatment, etc. Come and make this world a better place with technology together.

Smart City Zone
Here comes the city of the future. In this zone, you will get to experience digital technology that is involved in your everyday life from waking up, then going to work till coming back home and going to bed. Visit Smart City Zone and be amazed by the simulation of the city of the future with the technology that facilitates your daily activities, improves the efficiency of your living and also increases safety and security of life and property through intelligent CCTV systems. Don’t miss out on the technology for your better life.